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Evok designs exceptional hotels that linger in the mind, are instantly noticed, and clearly stand out. This is Evok’s bold approach: always going off the beaten path. Venturing forth where others do not dare. Embodying and humanizing a lifestyle beyond temporary trends and fashions. We offer a style of living for each style of luxury, creating hotels that become the beating hearts of their neighborhoods and breaking the rules in order to unite people and bring them together. We find a suitable location – an old office building, a residence, or a mail sorting center – and transform these characterful Haussmann-era, neo-industrial, or 30s buildings into places to live and linger, where guests and locals can mingle. These transformations take place through the involvement of designers such as Philippe Starck, Tristan Auer, Jean-Louis Deniot, Christophe Tollemer and Lecoadic & Scotto.


Nolinski is located in the heart of lively central neighborhoods and monuments and offers a discreet haven of well-being. From Paris to Venice, Nolinski elegantly bring together French art de vivre and extremely attentive service.

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In Paris and soon in Madrid and Roma, Brach settles in the heart of magnificient neighborhoods and revices a welcoming and sophisticated art de vivre. It provides visitors with a joyful, authentic, immersive experience, a contemporary interpretation of life in this community.

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SINNER_Chambre executive_2_Guillaume_de_Laubier

Sinner lies in the heart of the historical, bustling and diverse districts. Evok has drawn on this energy to create an uncompromisingly intriguing hub of wellbeing and culture. Unveiling its own narrative of the city, Sinner expresses its vision of a liberated style, far removed from established traditions.

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Cour des Vosges

Built from the stone of the Kings of France, Cour des Vosges is rewriting its history. The Marais district, Paris; the royal square of the famous Place des Vosges. Evok has awakened and poetically transformed a sleeping beauty, the former Hôtel de Montbrun, a listed historical monument where time appears to have stood still. Respecting the shapes and volumes of the period, trees and archways enter the intimate environment of the bedrooms.

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