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Evok excels at creating places that are different, sites for curiosity where things happen. Unique locations and restaurants that observe the daytime and tame the night. Our expertise is expressed beyond concepts, and nothing is left to chance. The spirit and architecture of the menu, the quality of the cuisine, inspired chefs and closely-knit teams, and outstanding interior design — everything comes together to create a unique experience. Our desire is to create an unmissable place, where people meet and share a pleasant time together. Travelers mingle with the city and the life of its residents in an exceptional atmosphere, and always enjoy warm, attentive service.


The Nolinski spirit can be seen in unique and varied gourmet cuisine that is adapted to its destination. Each has a different atmosphere, always with the same generosity of pure, precise cuisine expressing French excellence with Mediterranean accents.

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Brach Le Restaurant is a shared, colorful, lively table that resonates to the rhythm of the city morning to night and invites you to take a journey without leaving your seat. It’s an immersion in the generous cuisines of the Mediterranean.

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Sinner is tribal food. Its nomadic cuisine brings people together for sharing, creating connections and an authentic, friendly, simple atmosphere. The menu is blended and its dishes, inspired by food from around the world, are joyful and surprising, including a kanoun-style oven from North Africa, inspirations from South America, and a stop in Asia.

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Palais Royal Restaurant

A gourmet restaurant in an exclusive setting, it offers coherent modern cuisine combining excellence and taste through French expertise and the Mediterranean identity of Greek Chef Philip Chronopoulos.

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Cour des Vosges

Under the archways of the oldest square in Paris, the windows of 19 Place des Vosges reveal a premier restaurant and tearoom. It offers light gourmet fare for breakfast through dinner. The Brach Pâtisserie also presents a selection of creations by Pastry Chef Yann Brys, who was named Meilleur Ouvrier de France.

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