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Brach Le Restaurant is a shared, colorful, lively table that resonates to the rhythm of the city morning to night and invites you to take a journey without leaving your seat. It’s an immersion in the generous cuisines of the Mediterranean. The desire to bring people together and make them happy inspires this warm, spontaneous menu designed by Adam Bentalha in the open kitchen: there are sights to enjoy everywhere. The desserts are by Yann Brys. The bread and pastries are made in-house. The cocktails are part of the restaurant’s sophisticated, joyful atmosphere.

In Paris, a second table on the terrace of the second floor offers another journey with Japanese flavors: California or dragon rolls and poke bowls. Everywhere, the service is warm, attentive, and gracious.



Brach Paris Le Restaurant

Brach Le Restaurant is an open door to the world of Brach. It’s an immersion into the myriad cuisines of the Mediterranean Basin. Its colorful and festive harmonies can be enjoyed from breakfast through dinner.

1-7 rue Jean Richepin 75016 Paris
Phone : +33 (0)1 44 30 10 00
Brach Paris La Terrasse

True to the hotel’s warm and cozy spirit, the terrace abounds with assorted furniture, comfortable armchairs and bench seats that create a relaxed, festive atmosphere. In this setting of meticulously designed relaxation that’s luxurious and generous, you can enjoy a menu with Asian notes. Pastries by Yann Brys and the cocktail menu are also available.

1-7 rue Jean Richepin
Phone : +33 (0)1 44 30 10 00
Brach Cocktails & bar

The Bar is its own special voyage. Continuing the motif of global flavors, the bar team uses fresh produce: condiments specially created to order, spices crushed by pestle and mortar, cold-pressed juices and home-made syrups.

1-7 rue Jean Richepin 75016 Paris
Phone : +33 (0)1 44 30 10 00
Brach Paris Le Brunch

A brunch buffet menu is available every Sunday, with regular additions of seasonal products and always including classic dishes. There is a supervised workshop for children on the second floor with a special menu and tailor-made activities.

1-7 rue Jean Richepin 75016 Paris
Phone : +33 (0)1 44 30 10 00
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