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Evok designs exceptional hotels that linger in the mind, are instantly noticed, and clearly stand out. This is Evok’s bold approach: always going off the beaten path. Venturing forth where others do not dare. Embodying and humanizing a lifestyle beyond temporary trends and fashions. We offer a style of living for each style of luxury, creating hotels that become the beating hearts of their neighborhoods and breaking the rules in order to unite people and bring them together. We find a suitable location – an old office building, a residence, or a mail sorting center – and transform these characterful Haussmann-era, neo-industrial, or 30s buildings into places to live and linger, where guests and locals can mingle. These transformations take place through the involvement of designers such as Philippe Starck, Tristan Auer, Jean-Louis Deniot, Christophe Tollemer and Lecoadic & Scotto.


With a unique character and contemporary aesthetics, Nolinski embodies the elegance of classical, discreet luxury. With an exceptional location whatever the country or city, in the heart of a beautiful neighborhood and historic monuments, Nolinski is also a unique hotel that combines modernity, refinement, and freedom, and has gracious, tailor-made service.

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Brach is a unique place of encounters and culture. It’s a melange that’s full of life, surprising, and gracious. Relaxed luxury is found on every floor. Brach was designed by Philippe Starck so that everyone feels expected, welcomed, and intrigued by a multitude of details and combinations of shapes, colors, and natural and raw materials.

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SINNER_Chambre executive_2_Guillaume_de_Laubier

Sinner is for aesthetes and artists who are interested in discovering a different idea of a luxury hotel. In the comfort of each room, there is a curated selection of record albums and books for those who will take the time to discover and appreciate these treasures. With excellence, openness, attention to detail, and sincere service, Sinner offers quirky luxury that plays by its own rules.

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Cour des Vosges

Cour des Vosges is an exceptional residence. It’s an invitation to (re)discover French art de vivre in a landmarked 17th-century mansion in the heart of historic Paris. Exclusive luxury characterizes 4 stories, with 6 suites and 5 rooms, all with a magnificent view of the Place des Vosges. Be immersed in a place filled with history, between the past and the present.

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