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Nolinski embodies the elegance of discreet luxury and the charm of a place to be shared with friends. From Paris to Venice, these timeless and select hotels bring together classic luxury and extremely attentive service. The soothing spa is a world away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s a certain vision of luxury that is more personal, more serene. Timeless, Nolinski plays with materials and rules, with iconic pieces in a classic setting that resembles private apartments. It has a unique character with a contemporary aesthetic that combines refinement.


It’s an invitation to travel, to discover a hotel with relaxed luxury. Warm, intelligent, energetic, and friendly, Brach is connected to its environment and offers an immersive, inspired experience for travelers discovering the city and a new vision of neighborhood life for locals and regulars. Everyone feels comfortable, welcomed, loved, and appreciated. The poetry and magic of the place imperceptibly envelop the guests. In each city, Philippe Starck adapts the style of each destination. Hotels, sports clubs, swimming pools, pâtisserie, kitchen garden, terraces, and bars: Brach is everything all at once. Hybrid and surprising, Brach is constantly resonant.


Sinner sees things a little differently and doesn’t do anything the ordinary way. Mysterious, offbeat, and celebratory, it’s a place that breaks the rules of luxury hotels. Sinner expresses irreverence without renouncing the luxury and elegance that characterize the finest locations. In the heart of the Haut-Marais, a symbolic and historic neighborhood where art, fashion, and design thrive, Sinner is for aesthetes and urban explorers. It’s a clever tribute to the happy, carefree days of the 70s. Both a living space and an urban hideaway, Sinner also has a restaurant that’s a faraway escape and a mysterious spa.

Cour des Vosges

Cour des Vosges invites you to travel through time as the past and present echo one another. A historic monument, Cour des Vosges is a unique and exclusive treasure. This place cultivates French art de vivre and the elegance of Parisian mansions of a bygone era. Enjoy the ever-changing scene and the magnificent views of the Place des Vosges from every room and suite The intimate, timeless atmosphere is enhanced by distinctive décor combining tradition and modernity. Under the archways, Cour des Vosges has a tearoom that is the perfect spot for enjoying the Place des Vosges.

Palais Royal Restaurant

Palais Royal Restaurant embodies the elegance of discreet luxury and the charm of an address you give to friends. In Paris and Venice, Palais Royal Restaurant is a haven of peace in the heart of the city’s beautiful districts, combining classic luxury with attentive service. It’s a certain vision of luxury, intimate and hushed. A unique character with a contemporary, refined aesthetic.


A prestigious destination for relaxing, skiing and recharging your batteries. In the heart of Courchevel 1850, BAST offers two exceptional chalets, distinguished by cosy, comfortable decor, in the pure respect of Alpine tradition, combined with contemporary elegance. Both a luxurious refuge offering superb custom services, and an ideal base for exploration, BAST exemplifies French art de vivre at altitude.

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