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Evok designs exceptional hotels that linger in the mind, are instantly noticed, and clearly stand out. This is Evok’s bold approach: always going off the beaten path. Venturing forth where others do not dare. Embodying and humanizing a lifestyle beyond temporary trends and fashions. We offer a style of living for each style of luxury, creating hotels that become the beating hearts of their neighborhoods and breaking the rules in order to unite people and bring them together.

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The first BAST properties, the Nanuq & Bastidons chalets, under management contract, are exceptionally located, in the heart of Courchevel 1850.

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Restaurants and Bars

Evok excels at creating places that are different, sites for curiosity where things happen. Unique locations and restaurants that observe the daytime and tame the night. Our expertise is expressed beyond concepts, and nothing is left to chance.

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From well-being to health expertise, from the power of plants to the awakening of the senses, every Evok spa offers a truly unique experience. The experts in these exceptional spas, selected for their excellence, provide treatments in refined comfort and elegance of the highest standards.

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Sports club

Evok has designed its sports clubs to take care of bodies and minds and to send energy throughout the hotels where they are located. They are places for meeting people and for feeling your best. Everyone works out at their own pace, selecting appropriate activities with the guidance of expert coaches.

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Evok gives free rein to the imagination of Head Pâtissier Yann Brys Meilleur Ouvrier de France 2011. Whether it’s traditional desserts or unique delicacies, he creates innovative desserts for Evok hotels that change with the seasons.

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