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Ambition for a better future


To support the group’s development, I wanted to implement a continuous improvement approach in terms of social and environmental responsibility (SER), reflected in our “Ambitions for a better future” program. True to our principles, this approach looks to be concrete, effective and unmistakably human in one.

We must continually seek to improve the collective well-being of our ecosystem, living well together in our work community, sharing our corporate culture and strengthening the feeling of belonging by uniting people around our values.

We must understand and anticipate our customers’ requirements, invent a new, more responsible and sustainable way of traveling, while maintaining the well-being and safety of all. It is up to us be proactive in putting forward ideas to drive this dynamic and bring all those involved in the hospitality sector with us.

Emmanuel Sauvage, Co-founder & General Manager Evok Collection

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Prendre soin des hommes et des femmes
Prendre soin des hommes et des femmes
Prendre soin des hommes et des femmes selon la charte RSE

Take care of Men and Women

Since its creation, EVOK has included every man and woman with their singularity and distinctive characteristics. The group wants to support and allow every person that makes up its teams to grow, pass on hard and soft skills, and encourage an energetic and positive view of the future. For EVOK, this is a way of sharing success as well as uniting and bonding staff and creating loyalty based on a corporate project.

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être acteur de la société civile
RSE : Être acteur de la société civile
Être acteur de la société civile

Be an actor in civil society

The future is now. EVOK’s success makes it possible to offer jobs at all qualification levels. The group’s outlook for growth, combined with an in-depth knowledge of employees’ skills and wishes, means opportunities for advancement for everyone. EVOK encourages equal opportunity. The group also fosters the desire to learn and move forward.

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RSE Evok Collection
Respect de l'environnement
RSE : Respect de l'environnement

Protect environmental resources

EVOK carried out Nolinski and Brach’s Carbon Audits for 2019. Drawing on these elements, the group has taken initiatives to minimize its carbon footprint.

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