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Philosophical meetings at the Nolinski Paris

Once a month, the Nolinski Paris’s Grand Salon becomes a stage for a very special discussion between philosopher Emmanuel Leclercq, founder of “Devenir pour Agir“, and a public figure. These unique exchanges between the philosopher and his guest, and with members of the public, provide an opportunity to ask questions and discuss a wide range of topical issues.

After welcoming Harry Roselmack, Marie de Hennezel and the chef Babette de Rozie?res at the end of 2023, the event’s popularity is well established, and new events are already in the pipeline for 2024.

The programme is available on the Nolinski Paris Instagram account.


Born in 1982, Emmanuel Leclercq has a doctorate in Ethical and Moral Philosophy. In addition to teaching philosophy at secondary school level and Ethics in Artificial Intelligence at business school, he is a frequent speaker at conferences. His wide ranging experience led him to found «Devenir pour Agir», the first French TV programme to feature philosophical and anthropological interviews, aimed at helping students and young professionals to learn how to respond to the societal challenges of tomorrow’s world. He is also the host of «La Minute Philo»: every week, he takes a topical issue and explores it philosophically and succinctly.

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