Nolinski Paris

Julien Benhamou exhibition from 17th May to 21st June 2022

Press release

Nolinski Paris will be hosting Julien Benhamou’s “La Poésie du Mouvement” exhibition from 17th May to 21st June, showcasing some fifteen previously unseen photographs including various shots taken within Evok’s establishments, i.e. Sinner, Brach and, of course, Nolinski.


If photography is the art of capturing a brief moment in time and transforming it into something eternal, then Julien Benhamou’s art is its very quintessence. He is the ultimate photographer of dance, muscle and motion. Whether being shot indoors or outdoors, we see his subjects soaring and spinning; the style is airy and the dynamic created as if it were a beat in time. The images as such may be frozen but the subjects themselves are versatile, volatile, mobile, rhythmic… they are living spectacles.

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